Around the House


Bats and Fireflies

A beautiful summer night. The bats love to circle the pine tree on the right at dusk. I am enjoying ...
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Binge Watching

I know I am not alone in my addiction to binge watching Netflix. For that matter, I have binge-watched DVDs ...
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Memorial Day Menu and Tablescape

For some weird reason, when I should have pulled out the Easter decorations, I actually decorated my table for Memorial ...
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Archie chewing on a corn cob.

The Real Corn Dog

Archie chewing on a corn cob. So it was Friday night, and our plan was to cook and eat at ...
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It is time for a refresh. The long-awaited kitchen renovation is getting underway today. It has been exhausting up to ...
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Silver-Plate and Sterling Silver

Silver pieces are so beautiful! Be it a silver teapot, a silver bracelet or a silver hair-pin, they are all ...
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