Here we go…


Cell phone 7-8-13 413So today is my first day for blogging.  Mike (my man) helped me plan for this back in 2009, but due to my lack of technical abilities, it was put on hold.  Blogs were in my head, but none made it to the blogosphere.

What will this blog add to that already swamped field of blogs, you ask?  Well, maybe nothing more than the appeal of watching a major disaster unfold before your eyes (but let’s hope not).  I really hope we can learn together, laugh together and have some fun together.

Thank you to Adam for knowing all things technical and for sharing.  Thank you to Diane for inspiring me with cooking and sewing.  Thank you to Mike for encouraging me and accepting that he is dating Lucy Ricardo (he is as unwilling in most of my crazy ideas as Ricky was in Lucy’s).

I am all about the fun, so hang on to your hats and let’s get started!

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