Party Like It’s 1925!

Sadly, on March 6, I will lose touch with some of my favorite people.  Many of you will as well, since that is the airing of the final episode of Downton Abbey on PBS.  There is not much I can say about this show other than it will be missed.

I love being transported to that era, where social graces and etiquette were more telling about your social and financial status than your car and your bling.  It was a subtle reminder of proper upbringing rather than a vulgar portrayal of money.

There are days that I want to channel the Dowager and her hilarious remarks, and other days I want to be bold and modern like Mary.  Honestly, I don’t think I ever want to be Edith.  But Sybil, yes.

I mention all of this because I want you all to join me in celebrating this magnificent series.  My plan is to invite some of my friends who are loyal DA fans to come over for a watch party.  Tea, crumpets, and lemon curd will be on the menu.  Maybe I will ask them to wear their hats and gloves….

Back on April 29, 2011, so many Americans, me included, held a wedding reception or party in honor of the marriage of Prince William to Katherine Middleton.  Not only did I have a wedding watch party at my house, but I also had a reception at work with cake and punch.  The cake in the first picture was for my house and the second was for the office.


In honor of the six wonderful years of Downton Abbey, I encourage you to hold a party on March 6.  Mark the date, invite your best girl and guy friends over, and celebrate in a totally UK way.  It is the end of an era in more ways than one.



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