Meet My Neighbors

So, here they are.  This is the view I see when leaving my house.  My neighbors love to run around in a state of undress, while eating in the front yard.


Many of you would be startled if your neighbors did these things. But, I really love my neighbors.  They rarely make any noise.  They acknowledge you when you go by.  They are good at keeping their grass short. And, their children are just so cute!

Occasionally, my neighbors will play in my yard instead of their own, but they will happily go home when made to do so. They keep their property clean and neat; no bicycles or toys lying around.

They do have a distinctive smell…I have debated as to what it is, but I think it is dairy air (get it…derriere!)  But, they are so fun to watch and enjoy.  And they never want to borrow a cup of sugar.

So here is to the best neighbors in the world!  And to the cattlemen and women and dairymen and women who keep the agricultural heritage alive in Sulphur Springs.


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