At my house, we call it weeding out, but you may call it sorting, organizing, de-cluttering, throwing out, etc.  The point is, I have too much stuff, and I bet I am not alone (no you don’t have to admit it out loud).

So, I am trying very hard to buy less, let go of things that are sentimental, but not needed, and streamline my belongings.  It is difficult for me because I am one of those folks who attach emotions with things.  Having lost several loved ones in the last decade, I find it more challenging.  I hate to let go of their things because I guess I equate it to letting go of them.

My struggle and goal is to keep a few things that remind me of them and let the rest go.  How freeing that will be when I am finished.  I do feel the weight of all my stuff and their stuff on my shoulders. A room devoted to sorting and weeding has become my norm.  But no more.  Today is the day.  Please say a little prayer that I stick to my goal!

So, this post is more about my problem rather than my solution.  Adding to my collection of stuff is numerous magazines and books that promise to help me have a break through, rid myself of unwanted items and weed it all out.  To date, I have not been successful.

Isn’t that the human struggle? Knowing what we need to do and should do, but finding ourselves somewhere else?

One little kernel I want to share, a few years ago I started framing items that were heirlooms and writing on the back what they were.  Having cleaned out my fair share of estates, I know the importance of letting people know the significant items from the garage sale finds.

It started with my grandfather’s lucky coin that was passed to me, as the youngest niece from my aunt.  This silver piece was wrapped in a scrap of white cotton cloth.  I found both to be beautiful.  The coin had been carried in my grandfather’s pocket for many years.  It is almost worn smooth.  I had the whole kit and caboodle framed.  Wrote the tale on the back and hung it in my entry way.  Later I added three of my grandmother’s handkerchiefs and a photo of my great grandfather.

In the fall, my sister and I cleaned out an old storage barn.  We found several treasurers including a stack of personalized Christmas cards that were probably from the late 60s or early 70s.  I salvaged a couple and had them framed with archival glass and materials.  Although I had planned to display it only at Christmas time, I find too much joy in looking at it to hide it away.


Check back.  I feel a challenge coming on.  Maybe we could make a pact to clean out our stuff together.  Everything  is better with friends!


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