And the Winner is…


It all started with a mention of chocolate chip cookies. My sister mentioned that her husband makes good chocolate chip cookies.  Another lady in the office mentioned that hers were pretty good, too.

The date was selected and the competition was on.  Now, I make a good chocolate chip cookie (thanks to Tollhouse), but I am not one to brag.  However, I am always game for a good clean competition.

It was decided that my sister, being a neutral third party, would take the entries and disguise them.  The judges would be the lovely and talented employees of Professional Land Title Company.

We each had our own take on chocolate chip cookies.  My brother-in-law used walnuts as his wow factor.  The lady in the office used pecans, oatmeal and corn flakes as hers.  And I chose brown butter for mine.

The competition was tough (but not the cookies!) and all the cookies were good.  The winner did not receive a cash prize, but rather bragging rights until we find something else to compete about.


The winner of the best chocolate chip cookie is…drum roll…envelope opening…couldn’t read the winner’s name…oh, there it is…Jeff (my brother-in-law)!  Congratulations to our winner.

I have to tell you (cause if I don’t someone at my office will), my cookies did not get a single vote.  I tried a recipe from the America’s Test Kitchens book.  It was a good recipe, but I don’t think my crowd liked the bittersweet chocolate chips. And mine were more crunchy than some prefer.

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