The Best Stapler…Eveeerrr!

Today’s confession is that I love office products.  Maybe it is because I have worked in an office most of my life; that as youngsters, my sister and I would play in our dad’s office; or maybe it is because there are so many cool office products out there.

My sister loves office products too. She will often treat me to some new and exciting pens, sticky pads, or whatever else she has run across.  One Christmas, she gave me an office set which included a shoe-shaped tape dispenser (you now know another obsession of mine), a sticky pad dispenser (with a mirror in the lid), and a matching stapler.

I started using all three items and enjoying them.  I did not think much about the stapler other than it sounded like a small nail gun.  After a few weeks I realized it was the easiest stapler that I had ever used.  It is small and green and stands on it’s end.  It never jams and requires very little pressure in order to put a staple through paper.

Much later, I learned of one of my colleagues sticky fingering a stapler from one of our branch offices.  She  confessed, saying she could not live without the stapler.  The brand was Paper Pro.  It was black and gray and only required one finger to push down for stapling.  Neato!


I checked my green stapler and found it to be a Paper Pro as well.  Let me say, I am in love!  I have even ordered a pink and gray one (in the larger size) for my home office.  This brand comes in all different colors and several styles.  On Amazon, they are as cheap a $7 and go on up to around $35, depending on what sheet capacity you need.  This may be the best stapler you will ever use.

Comparing the Paper Pros to our electric staplers, I prefer the Paper Pro. They are quieter, less violent when stapling, and don’t get jammed!

So, treat yourself, buy them as Easter gifts, or next Christmas’ stocking stuffers.  Whichever way, your family and friends will love you! Thanks sister for introducing me to one of my favorite office products!


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