Spring Showers (and Storms)


As I look ahead to next week’s weather forecasts, I see rain…lots and lots of rain. I want to take this time to remind you to use a weather radio. It is so very important.

As a matter of fact, a weather radio saved my friend’s life. She did not own a weather radio, but another friend across town heard that a tornado was headed straight to my friend’s neighborhood. The across town friend called my friend and warned her to get her family in a closet. They did and it kept them safe. A large tree fell on their house, but everyone was okay.

As soon as this story happened, I purchased a weather radio. It goes off randomly with tests and weather in other areas. But the fact is, it could save my life.

If you already have a weather radio, now is a good time to check the batteries. In the event of a power outage, you still need the radio to work.

If you have a smart phone, you can downloads apps such as NOAA and the Weather Channel.  Then set alerts to notify you of any threatening weather in your area.

Now is also a good time to make a bad weather plan and share it with your family. I know exactly which closet I am going to (no outside windows and interior of my home).

In this closet, I keep an emergency supply basket. In it I have a bottle of water, a flashlight, a fully charged charger for my iPhone (with cable), a blanket (for covering my head in flying debris, sturdy tennis shoes and socks (in case I have to get there straight from bed), a whistle (for notifying first responders of my whereabouts), and a word search book and pen (a girl’s got to entertain herself). This is the closet where I keep my bicycle helmet, so that is another safety feature!

I find myself roused from sleep every now and then by my weather radio. After a quick review of the forecast and an update from the weather radio announcement, I often go to my safety closet. Thankfully, I have never had a tornado hit my house. But, if it happened, I am as prepared as I can be. The key word here is “prepared.”

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