Sew little time; sew many patterns!


My mom said I always had a needle and thread in my hands when I was little.  I have found little coin purses, doll clothes, and random things I made when I was young. But my mom did not sew, so I never really learned proper techniques.

My Aunt E did show me how to sew a straight line on her treadle sewing machine.  In middle school, I went to a sewing camp, where I learned to sew over a pre-printed line on a sheet of paper.  And a friend’s mom showed me how to make a skirt…inverted pleat, zipper, and all!

That was the extent of my training.  Through the years, I attempted patterns, but I was best at figuring out what I needed and making it.  I called myself a sewing hack.  My sewing skills were often put to use in costume making for my sister and me. For a few years, I was a quilter, piecing by hand or by machine and quilting by hand.

Then a friend told me about My world changed forever!  Pretty much whatever craft you want to learn (sewing, cooking, woodworking, jewelry making, drawing, painting, etc.) is there.

I started taking sewing classes and learned all sorts of things.  For example, proper clothing sewing techniques dictate that you don’t tie a knot at the end of your thread when you start, instead you do a little stitch technique to secure the thread…who knew?!

I have had so much fun on Craftsy!  The learning platform allows you to show your project, ask the instructor questions, interact with classmates, and view whenever and wherever you want for as long as you want.  Some classes are free and some have a fee.  They often offer sales, so sign up to receive their emails.  Their site also offers supplies and supply kits.  These sometimes go on sale as well.

The next craft I want to learn is making stained glass projects.  So Craftsy, find an instructor and get a class going. This girl wants a stained glass window.

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