Irish Scones


Building up to the greenfest (St. Patrick’s Day) that I mentioned yesterday, I decided to make another Irish themed dish – Irish scones. They have less butter and sugar than you normally see in a scone recipe or at least the ones that we are more used to making in the US.

The recipe I chose can be found here.  I doubled the recipe so that I ended up with 120 2-inch scones.  Although the recipe calls for raisins or cranberries, I used cranberries.


This recipe is in metric measurements, so be careful.  I used my Oxo food scale, which can be changed from grams to kilograms.  It worked perfectly.


If you are making these to serve at a sit down meal, like breakfast, then go ahead and make them 3″ in diameter.  For me, I was serving them at a reception, so I made them small.

They are best with butter and jam/jelly, but they are perfectly fine without.

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