Top Four Ways I Save Money


So, we have already established that I am a penny-pincher.  This is a moniker that I wear proudly.  I come from a long line of penny-pinchers and I hope the next generation will be penny-pinchers as well.

So, I wanted to share my top three ways to save money.  I hope you will try them and find that they work for you as well.

  1.  Comparison Shop.  I know that I have said this before.  And it does take time, but it is worth it.  All you have to do these days is to compare prices on the internet.  No need to drive from store to store.  It won’t take you long.  Just compare.
  2. Look for promo codes or coupons.  Folks, they are out there, and we should use them.  If I am going into the Metroplex to shop, I try to take any possible coupon I have with me.  Sometimes, they will let you use one from your phone, and sometimes they will let you use a coupon at the cash register.  If you are making online purchases, never press submit until you have googled promo codes for that store.  Even if you just save shipping costs, that is money in your pocket.  You will find what stores offer codes and which do not, so as time goes on, you know which ones to search for.
  3. Delay your purchase.  If you find something you want, wait a day or two.  If you still want it, then get it.  Many times, you can convince yourself that you don’t need it,  have no place to store it, don’t want to maintain it, or found something you like better.
  4. Buy used.  This may bother some of you, but I will buy some things used, like purses, jewelry, dishes, and clothes.  This may not be for everyone, but it works for me.  I look for things I want that are more expensive than I am willing to pay.  Then I look for them online, at Goodwill or garage sales.  Now, I must mention, my pedicurist highly recommends that I not buy used shoes.  She says she has seen too much foot funk and would worry about getting something from a used shoe.  Duly noted!

Yes, you may need to put in a little time for these money saving tips, but you put in time to earn money.  Why not put in time to save money?  None of these are too much a time drain or I couldn’t do them.

So come on over to the penny pinching side; I like it and I bet you will, too!

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