How About a Cup of Café Au Lait?


Have you ever had a café au lait?  If so, I hope you are as big a fan as I am. If not, then now is the time to try one.

Café au lait is so easy to make.  All you need is:

Freshley brewed, strong coffee

You will need equal parts coffee and milk.  Heat the milk until it just starts to boil.

Pour hot coffee into a cup, filling halfway.  Add sugar to taste.  Fill the other half with the hot milk. Stir.

Welcome to a wonderful cup of café au lait.  It is creamy and sweet, without adding to much caffeine to your day.

This might be a great time to invite a good friend over.  Take out the coffee pot that came with your formal dinner service.  Make a pot of café au lait and serve it with your formal coffee cups and saucers in your china coffee pot.  Maybe serve small cookies or petit fours to go along with it.  What a fun afternoon and a treat for you and your friend.


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