How to Rock a Pocket Square


This post is for all those guys trying to up their clothing game, and for the ladies they call on to help them.

Recently, my sister asked me to make a pocket square for my brother-in-law.  She had been shopping while on vacation and ran across some really cool pocket squares.  The thing was, they were upwards on $50 per square.  So, we headed to Joann fabrics and she selected a silky paisley fabric.  We purchased an eighth of a yard, which will make a square for my b-i-l and my hubby.


Of course, this may take a few tries for me to get the thin, slinky fabric to cooperate.  I want the hems to be small rolled hems, so who knows what I will end up with.  Thank goodness the edges can be hidden in the folds.

After looking online, I found a great aid for how to fold the square.  Check out Sam Hober’s guide to folding pocket squares.  They have lots of variations. And lots of fabulous pocket squares.

I will let you know how my sewing attempt goes.  I may need to visit Sam Hober’s to buy the pocket square for my brother-in-law, in the event my patience gives out!

By the way, how do you wear the pocket square?  You can wear a pocket square with a tie or bow tie or without either.  The pocket square can match the tie, but it doesn’t have to.  It can be in the same color as your shirt or tie, but again it doesn’t have to.  Just use the same rules as you do about mixing patterns (different size patterns with some overlapping colors or shades).  It can be matchy-matchy or it can be a pop of color.  The pocket square is an accent that can spice up your outfit.  Have fun with it!


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