What do you do on a lazy Saturday?

This is what a lazy Saturday looks like at my house. And it sounds like a snore!
This is what a lazy Saturday looks like at my house. And it sounds like a snore!

Today is the perfect lazy Saturday.  Nothing to do (well that is not exactly true, but nothing that can’t wait), and no where to go.

The weather is mild-not too hot or cold-kind of hazy (notice how that rhymes with lazy!).  We had decided to stay at the lake this weekend.  When we finally got up today, we decided to go out for coffee.

Now, the lake house is in a small town. A really small town.  I think there are about 125 people in this community.  The coffee shop wasn’t open, so we went to the town next door, with a population of 3,500.  It’s coffee shop had gone out of business.

Next, we head to the faithful Coffee Off the Square in Sulphur Springs.  After an hour of trying for caffeine, we finally had a triple shot latte with vanilla topped with whipped cream.  To make a well-balanced Saturday breakfast, we added cinnamon rolls. Yum!

Next on our agenda was a bit of work.  We had to do some work on the internet that lasted about 20 minutes.

Now the rest of the day will focus on recovering from the 20 minutes of work.  I just love it!

There is one more thing we will need to accomplish today and that is grilling dinner.  Chicken breasts, sweet potatoes and asparagus will be easy for preparing and cleaning up.

We need these type days every now and then to rejuvenate and get sanity back in our lives.  Maybe we should learn something about relaxing from our little furry friends.

Laid-back at the lake.
Max, laid-back at the lake.

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