Bravo to the North East Texas Choral Society!

Carol Allen always delivers an excellent performance whether singing or directing or both.

It was an absolute pleasure to attend the Bright Lights of Broadway concert of the a North East Texas Choral Society last weekend.  Carol Allen, Director of Music, outdid herself, again!

Not only were the song selections engaging and the singing pitch perfect, but the use of costumes and dialog enhanced the performance.  Add a dessert and coffee and it was a wonderful afternoon.

Zander Smith, Jennifer Turner, and Chuck Jones taking a bow after the performance.

Thank you to the singers and musicians who bring such a quality performance to our community. Neither skill nor execution can be outdone by any paid group in the Metroplex.

I did not take any photos while the performers were singing, fearful that my flash would go off. So, sadly, I did not get a photo of a gentleman named Marlon Chisom, who sang a song at the start of the show and another after intermission.  He was amazing!

Dawn Doyle-Jones provided voice-overs about the performances.

The only way to keep the show going is to support the performances!  To keep up with their next performance, check in at or like them on Facebook.

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