Multiple Uses for Porcelain Place Cards

Reusable porcelain place cards are great to have on hand for entertaining.

Porcelain place cards may not be at the top of your list of entertaining tools, but I think you may want to re-evaluate your list. Several years ago I purchased 25 or 30 white matching, reusable, porcelain place cards. I have used these as place cards, but more often, I use them to identify food at a buffet or pot luck. They are also great for using to identify cheese on a cheese platter or drinks when they are in urns or pitchers.

These come in a multitude of styles and sizes, which are available at your local kitchen stores or on online sites like Amazon. You use a marker to write on them and then wipe it off for reuse later. Mine came with a black marker. Any color would work, as long as it is not a permanent marker.

Porcelain place cards can be used to identify foods on a buffet or at a potluck.

My set is very plain and small, which I have found works well for the long haul. However, there are many ornate ones available today, with accents like fleur d lis or scrolls. Some are little chalkboards which require chalk or a chalk pen to write on them with.

Several different styles are available at kitchen stores and online at retailers like

When choosing a set, you need to consider if you will use them more casually (chalkboards), or formally (scrolls). Would white or off-white go better with your dishes and serving platters. I would recommend that you buy at least 15 matching holders, so that you will have plenty for identifying food and drink items. If you think you might also need some to use for place cards, you will want to increase that amount.

Place cards, an in particular reusable porcelain place cards, are very informative for guests wondering what kind of tea is in the pot or if the coffee is decaf.

You will be amazed at how often you will use these markers. They really do help your guests to know what they are eating and drinking and where they are sitting. Guests always appreciate information. As host, you will enjoy them too. You will be asked fewer questions!

Happy hosting!

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  1. Where can I purchase these porcelain place cards?
    The plain white oval ones you describe?

    Thank you,
    Irene Cass

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