Apache Helicopters, and Their Pilots, Totally Rock!

An Army Apache helicopter at Sulphur Springs Municipal Airport.
An Army Apache Helicopter at Sulphur Springs Municipal Airport.

Yesterday was a special day.  Actually, any day that God blesses us with is special, but yesterday he gave Sulphur Springs a special treat!

U. S. Army, 1st Cavalry Division AH-64 D Apache Helicopters landed at the Sulphur Springs Municipal Airport around Noon.  Eight highly decorated service men (I did not see any women in the group that came to Sulphur Springs), flew these helicopters in for refueling as they made their way across America.  A group of citizens came to meet these soldiers and to see the Air Cavalry.  One of the pilots is from Sulphur Springs, so it was an especially warm greeting.

The Apache Helicopters taxiing across the runway.
The Apache Helicopters taxiing across the runway.

Wow!  This was totally awesome!  It amazed me that these soldiers are part pilot, part warrior, and part PR team for the Army.  They gave overviews of the helicopters, weaponry, and purpose.  They also put children in the cockpits and posed for photos.  Each soldier was more gorgeous and sincere looking than any male model I have seen.  I just wanted to give them each a big ole Texas hug, but I refrained.  They are trained soldiers, so I doubt that hugs are appropriate.

So informative.
So informative.

I did not get to meet all of the soldiers, but I would like to put out into the blog world my sincere admiration and appreciation for their work.  Thank you for serving our Country and keeping America strong.  I wish each of them and their families all of God’s blessings.  There is at least one girl in Sulphur Springs, Texas remembering you all in her prayers each night.

Calling in the Air Calvary!
Calling in the Air Cavalry!


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