Liquid Chocolate


My brother-in-law has many talents, but one that everyone always wants him to share is his skill at making an awesome chocolate martini.  My sister and he calls them chocotinis.

Now, you need to know up front that these suckers will knock you on your keister.  But, boy, you will be smiling.

Often, my b-i-l and sister serve these in place of dessert.  They are sweet, smooth and refreshing.  The only problem is that my b-i-l has to spend a lot of time making these, which takes him away from the guests.  His cocktail shaker only makes 1 at a time.

Being the wonderful sister-in-law that I am, I purchased a 110 ounce cocktail shaker.  He can now make 8 chocotinis  at a time.  So, not only will he get to spend more time with guests, he also gets an arm workout for free!

Jeff’s recipe is below.  You will need:

Godiva white chocolate liquor
Godiva milk chocolate liquor
Half and half
Martini glasses
Hershey’s chocolate syrup

In each martini glass, drizzle a little Hershey’s chocolate syrup.  Fill your cocktail shaker with ice.  Pour EQUAL PARTS of the liquors and half and half into the shaker.  (For an average size shaker, my b-i-l uses 2 ounces of each.).

Shake to mix and chill the drink.  Pour into the martini glass and enjoy.  This is a cocktail meant to be sipped and enjoyed.  After your glass is empty, you will want to lick the syrup off the side.  Yumm!


Bonus:  If you want to further decorate your glass, you can add any of the following:

  • Chocolate shavings on top. Or, one large chocolate shaving would be dramatic.
  • A strawberry on the side of the glass. Cut a slit in the strawberry so that it stays in place.
  • A dollop of whipped cream.
  • A single Kit Kat stick.
  • A single whopper (chocolate malt candy) in the bottom of the glass.
  • A colorful straw (though that might make you drink too fast).  You could slide the strawberry over the straw.

The possibilities are endless!  Bottoms up!

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