Let me just go on record to say that I am not an English teacher, but I am related to one (the famous Ms. O is my sister).  But, like everything I know, my mom and aunts taught me well.

Today I am calling out all those folks who of late think it is high faluting to say “and I” in all situations involving themselves and another person.  IT IS NOT!!!

Some reality star was told it sounds smarter to say “and I,” but half the time it is wrong.  Not only does it sound uneducated,  but to me, it sounds like nails on a chalkboard.

There is a choice of using “Mike and I” or “Mike and me,” for example.  In all situations, only one use is correct.  So, let’s go over the rule that I use.

For me, the non-English teacher, the best way I know which phrasing to use is to make the sentence with only me.  If I want to say, “Mike and me/I are going home,” I think how I would say it without Mike.  “Me am going home,” or “I am going home”? Obviously, “I am going home” is correct, so adding Mike in the sentence makes it, “Mike and I are going home.”  How easy!

Here’s another example:  “She gave her tickets to Mike and me/I.”   Would I say, “She gave her tickets to me,” or “She gave her tickets to I”?  Me is correct, so the original sentence would be, “She gave her tickets to Mike and me.”

Yes, I could spout a lot of big words and English rules that would soon be forgotten, but my little test above will get you though most situations sounding like the smart person you are.  Now, how do I get this message to the reality stars?

Bonus information:  So for all the school teachers in my life, I do need to acknowledge the much longer, more detailed version of this grammar rule. So for the full-meal-deal, please go to this website.  It is much too intricate for me to explain!

One thought on “Say What?

  1. From a former English teacher thank you for your knowledge and interest. Unfortunately, fellow speakers and writers in our environment do not demand higher language standards.

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