My New Favorite (Travel) Purse

Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bucket Bag. Photo from
Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bucket Bag. Photo from

What are you looking for in a travel purse? I had never pondered this question until I was in the Container Store looking for a RFID* blocking credit and passport holder. I noticed a wall of purses on the travel products aisle. I didn’t really pay much attention because I had no plan to buy a new purse.

I usually just carry one of my regular purses when I travel. I take out what I won’t be using (work keys, house keys, work credit cards, etc.) and that gives me room for travel docs. However, I kept thinking about the travel purses. They already had RFID protection, so that would cut out a need for a RFID blocking wallet or holder.

After a bit of online research, I found several brands available on at a wide range of prices. I decided I wanted:

1. Black – to go with everything.
2. Not too big or too small – of course that is so subjective.
3. Light weight – most are nylon and do not weigh as much as a leather purse.
4. RFID protection.
5. Water repellent.
6. Roomy enough to carry a sweater, water bottle and a small umbrella.
7. Built in credit card and passport slots.
8. A cross body style.

What I found offered more than I ever dreamed:
8. Latching zippers, so that pickpockets can’t unzip your purse.
9. Metal lined straps, so that your purse strap can’t be cut and your purse stolen off your body.
10. Mesh lined body so that your purse can’t be cut and the contents accessed.

For under $40, I purchased an amazing purse by Travelon. It had all the functionality I needed, looked nice and held up wonderfully.

I was able to fit everything I needed in it, plus as we made purchases, there was room to add small items. This purse was so amazing that my travel partner suggested that I make it my everyday purse.  I do love this bag!

Shopping around is a good idea because I have seen the same purse at different brick and mortar and online stores for vastly different prices.

Brands to look for include Travelon, Baggallini, and Pacsafe, just to name a few. You many not need all these features, so your normal purse may offer what you need. It is wise though to consider how safe the contents of your bag will be and if your passport and credit cards are protected with RFID blocking. You may just need an RFID blocking wallet or credit card covers.

Even after researching the purses, I considered saving the money and not buying a travel purse.  Then I started reading the reviews.  Several customers mentioned how the purse had protected them from a theft.  If it prevents a travel disaster, it is well worth every penny!

*Bonus Information: Are you familiar with RFID? It stands for radio frequency identification. The chips in your passport and credit cards use this technology. Bad folks, using readers, can steal your information remotely by intercepting the radio waves given off by the chip. They do not have to see or touch your credit cards in order to steal your information. For this reason, many wallets and billfolds are now offering RFID blocking. They are bit more expensive, but worth the investment. Also available are thin paper looking cardholders that you can slip your credit card into and then put in your usual wallet. These are about $2-$3 each.

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