Electric Pepper Mills

My electric pepper ill, with light.
My electric pepper mill, with light.

Freshly cracked pepper has more flavor and texture than the can of ground pepper many kitchens contain.  A kitchen stocked with multiple pepper mills allows for different peppers to be freshly milled for cooking or serving.

Pepper mills come in a variety of styles and prices.  My last two mills have been electric.  Although my last mill was not well made (the plastic casing cracked, preventing the mill from closing), I did search for an affordable, highly rated model.

Last Christmas, I purchased two Eukein  Automatic Electric Salt or Pepper Grinder Mill, battery powered with light at bottom.  One was for me and the other for my brother-in-law.  They seemed to be well-made, not too expensive, and a size that would fit with my kitchen.  The added bonus was that the mill had a small light that illuminates the area over which you are cracking the pepper.  And,  it has an end cap that will catch any loose pepper grounds still attached to the grinder.

I have really enjoyed this new model.  It is my go-to mill while I cook.  The hand twist style sits idly by as the electric mill is reached for night after night.

If you decide to take the plunge, I highly recommend reading the customer reviews before your make a purchase.    You may spend a few extra dollars, but you may end up with a mill that lasts longer, and at least you will know the possible pitfalls before you make your purchase.

Please beware:  I shopped the high-end kitchen stores and found that some of their highly priced electric mills were not highly rated.  So, in this case, you may not get what you pay for.

Do you use freshly milled pepper?  If so, what type of mill do you enjoy using?  The rabbit ear type, perhaps?  The combo style with salt on one end and pepper on the other?  You may have discovered the best electric pepper mill; if so, please share!

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