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Sunset over the Colorado River in Marble Falls, Texas.
Sunset over the Colorado River in Marble Falls, Texas.

Other than high school band and spring break trips and sorority formals, I can’t recall going on bus trips.  Recently, that changed.

A local bank, City National, offered a weekend trip to Marble Falls and Fredericksburg, Texas.  About thirty fun folks signed up for this bus trip.

I must admit, the hubby wasn’t too excited.   He always drives on our trips, so I would think he would welcome the change.  No more worrying about parking, speed limits, or stopping to let me go to the bathroom.   He feared he would be stuck going somewhere or doing something he didn’t want to do.  Maybe it was the loss of control.

A daytime view of the Colorado River.
A daytime view of the Colorado River.

After a couple of relaxing days enjoying the scenery, taking naps, reading, etc., I found the bus ride to be enjoyable.  I think Mike did as well!  No details to worry about.

For our trip, we stayed in Marble Falls at a hotel overlooking the Colorado River.  We had great meals at Docs Fish Camp and Grill and Russo’s.  Shopping and hanging out in Fredericksburg was fun.  We had all planned to go to the Bestfest, but some of us got sidelined by the shops.  We even stopped at a couple of wineries for tastings.

It was a great trip and the bus was a delightful mode of transportation.  It was fun to visit with other travelers.  And, our bank hosts (Sue and John) were very gracious.  They planned a wonderful trip!

Do you enjoy group travel?  Are you up for a bus trip?  Let me know your thoughts.

Bonus information:  If you have a local bank in your town, check out their website for travel groups.  Some banks offer tours outside of the country, to other states, and some are driving tours.  It is a great way to meet some other local folks, while enjoying the fun and educational aspects of travel.

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