Holiday Vacations


I am a traditionalist.  I love to have a tradition and stick with it, year after year.  So for me, I am going to serve turkey on Christmas and Thanksgiving and leave the brisket or lasagna for another day.

Several years ago, my mom wanted to go on a trip for Thanksgiving.  This totally seemed like heresy!  But, I went along with it.  My dad and sister had to work, so my mom and I planned a trip to Boston.  We ate a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at a very swanky restaurant. The entire trip was fun and restorative.


Since then, I have been on several holiday vacations.  It is nice to have someone else worry about cooking the turkey and all the trimmings.   And, do the dishes!

What to keep in mind when planning a Thanksgiving or Christmas getaway:

  1.  Plan early.  Hotels tend to fill up during this time, so plan your trip about 6-9 months ahead.
  2. Check online to make sure restaurants are open for a holiday meal.  Get a reservation.  This is not the time to wing it, or you may be eating gas station food in your hotel.
  3. Keep in mind what feel you are wanting for your holiday.  Do you want a warm climate or snow covered hills?  Will you have children with you?  If so, look for a location that is family oriented and offers age-appropriate activities for the younger ones.
  4. Be sure you pack for the climate you are heading to and wear layers for the climate you are leaving/returning.
  5. If heading to a snowy area, remember you might get snowed in.  Allow a little wiggle room for the return trip.
  6. If taking gifts, try to buy small items.  We normally consider our trip as our gift to each other.  That way, we only pack cards.  Celebrating in advance is also an option.

It may be too late to plan a get away this year, but it might be a great time to decide on a location for next year.  Happy travels!


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