Five Tips to Regifting


Hopefully you received Christmas gifts that you want, love and can use.  But let’s face it…regifting happens.  What used to be a social faux pas is now an acceptable practice.

If you are considering recycling a gift, here are five tips to keep in mind:

  1.  The gift must be new and the packaging in pristine condition.  Unless, of course, the gift is a vintage item.
  2. The gift should be appropriate for the recipient.  Regifting should match the perfect fit to the perfect person, not off-loading an unwanted item or saving money.
  3. Keep in mind who gave the gift to you.  Make sure you pass on the gift to a different circle of friends.  To give away a gift someone thought you would like would be hurtful and rude.  If you can’t recall where you received the gift, you may not need to regift it.
  4. Re-wrap the gift.  If you leave the gift in the same gift bag you received it in, you may fail to take off the tag or may find there was an extra gift in the bottom of the bag.
  5. Regifting homemade items is a no-no.  A homemade gift is such a personal, labor of love that it should not be given to someone else.  Of course, if your friend gives you a cake she made, you can share it with your colleagues.  That is very different, since you will be sharing where the cake came from.


There were some folks in my town that would host a regifting party after Christmas each year.  It was a good way to have fun and exchange what a person didn’t need for something they could use.  Cute idea!

If you are still not sure if you could regift something you received, just think, you could be the recipient of regifted gift.  And, it may have been the perfect gift for you.

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