My Kettle of Fish


As a lifelong Anglophile, I love all things British. Of course, as a native American, the USA is my first and last love. But, the UK holds the next position. Afternoon tea, double-decker buses, red phone booths, black cabs, the Tube, a British accent, floral chintz fabric, and the unflappable spirit of the British are all my kettle of fish.

I heard this expression, my kettle of fish, on the train from London to Edinburgh. The steward serving drinks and meals had a wonderful personality. He stood and talked to us for a quite a bit. During the course of the conversation, he used the expression, “my kettle of fish.” I thought it was cute and wrote it down (too bad I did not write his name down as well). It is a great alternative to “my cup of tea.”  We were discussing golf, and he mentioned that it was not his kettle of fish.

Of course, when I hear this expression said in my head, I picture the steward and hear it with his lovely accent.

I enjoy reading about the UK, reading books by British authors, and watching British programs. Of course, who doesn’t love James Bond, the Queen, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, and Will and Kate?

Maybe it is because my family names are Lawrence, Henderson, Price and Garret, but I do get a déjà vu feeling when in the UK. Maybe that is why I want to learn to knit so badly; it seems like a totally British thing to do.

So what or where is your kettle of fish? Maybe it is all things Maine? Or maybe all things Jeep? Or maybe you just love to quilt and it takes you to your happy place? Where do you feel like you have found your home away from home? Antiques? Classical music? Movies? Reading?

Here is wishing you a wonderful new year filled with your kettle of fish!

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