Cute Sticky Note Craft


A lady at work made the cutest little sticky note holders which she gave to her colleagues for Christmas.  She said they were fun to make, so I thought I would share.


Linda, my crafty colleague, enjoys exploring Pinterest and get lots of inspiration from there.  I believe she mentioned she saw these on Pinterest.  Linda always has clever office decoration and is a great cook! You know, the perfect co-worker!


To make these clever little holders, you will need:

Acrylic frames (4″ x 6″) – a pack of 12 on Amazon are $15.99
Decorative paper
Glue gun
Baubles that go with the paper
3 x 3 sticky notes (extra sticky might work best)


Either use a decorator paper, wallpaper scrap, or plain paper that you decorate with stickers or cutouts.  Remember that your sticky pad will be located at the bottom, so there is no need to decorate behind it.  Or you can put a secret message in that area.


Once you put the paper in the frame, you will want to put an accent detail on the outside of the frame.  A flower, ric-rac, bow, ribbons, buttons, etc. might make nice accents.  Then add the sticky pad by removing the backing sheet and adhering to the frame.


Linda mentioned that the sticky notes were difficult to get to stick to the frame.  She tried double-sided tape, hot glue, etc.  What worked for her was to take the backing paper off and attaching the pad in smaller batches.


Let your imagination be your guide!  You can make them for any theme or occasion.  The one Linda gave me was food themed (perfectly appropriate for me!).  I plan to keep it in my kitchen to use for my shopping list, but it would also be handy on my desk.  Oh Linda…I think I need another sticky note holder!


Happy crafting!


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