50 Uses for a Walmart Bag

My Mom's answer to most needs: Grab a Walmart bag!
My Mom’s answer to most needs: Grab a Walmart bag!

My Mom was the original recycler, upcycler, and repurposer.  She had grown up with very frugal teachings, and kept that raising with her during her entire life.

She enjoyed all things free, so when she received free Walmart bags with a purchase, she had to use them.  Honestly, my Mom probably had 100 uses for a Walmart Bag, but I will never know for sure.  I just know that her answer to every need was a Walmart bag.

Some folks always have a tissue or breath mints available, my Mom always had a Walmart bag.

So, in the spirit of invention and originality and in tribute to my Mom, here are a few suggestions:

1.  Shower cap.
2.  Trash bags.
3.  Gather to make a Pom Pom.
4.  Bike handle streamers.
5.  Glove.
6.  Overnight bag.
7.  Shoe covers.
8.  Purse cover.
9.  Wet paint brush landing spot.
10.  Mini drop cloth.
11. Tie.
12.  Yarn.
13.  Lining for your floorboards to keep mats clean.
14.  Lining for your trunk to keep it clean.
15.  Pet poo collection.
16.  Rain hat.
17.  Cushion when packing a box.
18.  Extra protection for wrapping items.
19.  A bucket.
20.  A belt.
21.  Dustpan.
22.  Basket for gathering.
23.  Scrap bag when cooking.
24.  Use to make a crochet rug.
25.  Tie around doorhandles when painting.
26.  Wet umbrella wrapper.
27.  Balloon.
28.   Shoe bag.
29.  Lunch box.
30.  Reuse to hold purchases at Walmart.
31. Wrap for weatherproofing outdoor faucets.  Cover with an old towel, then wrap well with the Walmart bag.
32.  Container for covering wet paint brushes and putting in the fridge for future use.
33.  Paw covers for your pet to use when going into a wet yard.
34.  A kite.
35.  Stuffing for a pillow.
36.  Wet clothing carrier.
37.  Seat covers.
38.  Shoe carrying case.
39.  Trash bag for your car.
40.  Clean layer between you and something dirty, like a Walmart shopping cart handle or a diaper changing table.
41.  Cord keeper for all those charging cords that pile up.
43.  Gift wrapping. (I would cut and use as paper for a small package.)
44.  Laundry bag.
45.  Disposable dog food bowl.  Keep on eye on your dog so he doesn’t smother.
46.  Ribbon to mark something, like the party is here or don’t drive here.
47.  Water balloons.
48.  Garbage bowl for scraps when cooking.
49.  Neck scarf to break the wind.
50.  To carry purchases home from the store!

My mom always had a Walmart bag at the ready.  She would ride her bike daily, with the handles adorned with Walmart bag streamers (they were there to pick up cans if needed).  She wrangled the garden hose with a Walmart bag tie.  On a rainy day, my mom might do chores outside with a Walmart bag on her head.  And if you invited her on an overnight trip, something would be packaged in a Walmart bag.

My Mom's bike still sports it's plastic bag streamers.
My Mom’s bike still sports it’s plastic bag streamers.

Ever Wonder?  A lady I used to work with said her dad questioned why Walmart was called Walmart.  When the Walmart bags were unloaded from the car, they always ended up on the floor.  Why don’t they call it Floormart?!

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