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Pretty ladies from a 1950 college annual.
Pretty ladies from a 1950 college annual.

Many years ago I lived in a small neighboring town named Commerce. I worked at the local University, and my job put me in constant contact with the alumni.  I made a habit of asking the most beautiful, gracious, mature women what their beauty secrets were.

One of the ladies that I saw weekly always had on make-up, was well dressed, and very appropriate with her actions and behaviors.  I often asked her to share her beauty secrets with me.

Here are a few of the tidbits I gleaned from her:

1.  Always eat salmon the night before a big event, date or photos.  The fish oil will help to illuminate your face providing a healthy glow.

2.  Get frequent facials.  I believe she said that when she worked, she and her friends had weekly facials.  I believe I have heard French women often get facials as well.

3.  Keep up with the latest beauty advice and techniques.  My beauty inspiration often commented on something she had read about staying healthy or looking our best.

4.  Exercise.  This lady was and is very fit and trim.  She told me that she did squats every night before bed and had for years.  Trust me, she and I placed hundreds of graduation packets under folding chairs at the football stadium one afternoon.  My thirty something year old butt hurt for days.  Her 70 something year old butt never felt an ounce of pain!

5.  Dress appropriately. My friend always had on the perfect outfit for any occasion.  She would research the event and find the appropriate attire to fit in.  She never tried to wear an outfit meant for a twenty year old, not did she accept looking dowdy.  She wore in-style, well-tailored clothing that accentuated her good features and minimalized any bad (although I am not sure she had any!).  Dressing appropriately for her body-type and the event resulted in her being a knockout every time!

6.  Find what works for you and stick with it.  My friend had a trademark hairstyle.  On special occasions she would alter it a bit, but she always wore her hair up.  It looks lovely on her and is her signature look.

7.  Most of all, let your inner beauty shine through.  My friend always had smile on her face and always wanted to engage and learn from others.  Maybe that is what keeps her so young.  Being self-absorbed is unattractive,  unappealing, and unpleasant to be around.  A beautiful disposition is always an attraction.

8.  Plan.  My friend planned her outfits so each detail was thought out before she dressed.  She allowed plenty of time to be dressed and ready for events.  I am not sure I ever recall her being late, running late, or being hurried.  She always had a calm, dignified presence.

9.  Sleep on a satin pillowcase.  It helps to prevent wrinkles on your face, if you are a side sleeper.

It is a given that we are all going to age.  We might as well learn how to work with the process rather than get stuck in a time warp.  I hope I accept the changes headed my way and learn to deal with them in a very beautiful, gracious way.  To all the ladies who have inspired me, I say thank you!

A beautiful and elegant lady who has aged gracefully, Queen Elizabeth.
A beautiful and elegant lady who has aged gracefully, Queen Elizabeth.

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