Social Media: To Post or Not to Post


If you have read my blog before, you know that I am not a fan of some of the garbage that gets added to the universe of thought via Facebook and other social media.  Most people were taught to never discuss politics, religion or finances for a reason (maybe my parents added the finances part, but that is what I was taught).  Social media is one of those reasons, but I will leave that discussion for another time.

My caution to frequent Facebookers, Instagramers, Tweeters, and the like is about what to post and what not to post. Although I could give a great deal of unwelcome advice on this subject, specifically I want to discuss social media and private parties.

When we are invited to an event in a private home or a private party in a restaurant or party venue, it is NOT appropriate to post information about the evening or photos.  If a person feels they must post such information, they should seek the approval of the host and hostess before proceeding.  By the way, the host and hostess may decline.  The social media fanatic should not be offended.  Rather, they should realize that the hosts may not want to offend others who were not invited to the private party or possibly they just don’t want their business out there for all to see.

On the flip side, it is perfectly okay to post photos and information about public events.  My community has a fundraising gala for the local hospital.  Because the public is invited and because there are hundreds of people in attendance, guests realize that any of their behavior could be seen by the masses in attendance or viewing photos on social media.  I would still recommend seeking permission of others in the photos before posting.

Not only is this a matter of etiquette, but also a matter of respect.  We all have our own individual standard for privacy, so we can’t assume others will be okay with our limits.  This is a very personal choice.

An aqaintance who holds an annual party often rejoices in the fact that those who attend his party have enough respect (although I think he uses the word sense) to not post photos of his party on the Internet.  For him, that is a quick way for guests to get axed from future invitation lists.

So remember, permission is best sought before posting on social media because forgiveness may not come later!

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