For years I have been begging Michael for a butler.  You know…someone to butle (as in act as a butler) for us.  Don’t we all have a need for a butler?

I have gone as far as to check online for American butlers, just to see if I gave up eating and my clothing addiction we could afford one.  One site said that a well-trained butler’s annual salary is $80,000 and more.  I am not sure I could afford the house if I had a butler.

Training Archie to be our butler was a fleeting thought.  However, he would surely spill my lemonade atop the silver tray tied on his back.  He would look good in a tuxedo, though!

We met a lady in St. Lucia that was willing to come home with us and be our butler, but she wasn’t a very good butler at the resort where she worked, so we nixed that idea.

Boiling it all down, I would just be happy with someone bringing coffee to me in bed.  Since, it isn’t going to happen, the next best thing is a coffeemaker with a timer.  That’s right, my butler is my coffeemaker.  As long as I can remember to get it ready the night before, I am good to go.  I have it set for 15 minutes before we get up.  So when the 6 a.m. alarm sounds, coffee is just a few steps away.

My butler!  If only it would pour the coffee in a cup and bring it to me!
My butler! If only it would pour the coffee in a cup and bring it to me!

I have gotten much better at remembering to fill the water tank, coffee basket and turn it on.  When I do dishes after dinner, I just make that part of the routine.

Now you may all have been doing this little trick for years and no one ever told me about it.  It is fairly new to me; I guess I started about a year ago on a regular basis.  It doesn’t take long and it is much, much cheaper than a real butler.  I save so much money by not employing a butler that we can buy more expensive coffee!

If you haven’t tried the timer on your coffeemaker it is high time!  Your day will start off much better, and you will have one less thing to do in the morning.

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