Get Healthy: Checking In


So, how is it going?  We are three months in to the year and, hopefully, you have 4 or 5 healthy new habits.  Have you kept up with the earlier habits?

Honestly, I have continued to eat oatmeal every morning, but I sometimes forget to drink water (not my favorite thing to drink).

The main thing for all of us is that we genuinely try to stick to healthy choices and good diets.

Have you upped your exercise?  If not, make it a social affair.  Invite a friend or new neighbor to join you for a walk around a park or shopping mall.

Check-out a library book on fitness or pick up  a wellness magazine.  Start reading and thinking more about your health.  The more you read, research and think about good health, the more natural it will be for you to keep your healthy behaviors.  Buy a cookbook full of healthy recipes.

Befriend healthy people.  Folks who eat healthy, exercise and enjoy outdoor activities may be just the inspiration you need to stay focused on your health goals.

This is our year!  We are going to leave our unhealthy behaviors on the doorstep to 2017!  Are you with me?


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