The Artis Makeup Brush

The Artis Beauty Brush
The Artis Makeup Brush

I saw this on a You Tube video where the lady was showing how she applies her makeup.  I was not familiar with this brush, so I wanted to check it out.

Lately, I have been on a bit of a make-up and skincare binge, so I have tried lots of new products, including several make-up brushes.  To me, the Artis Makeup Brush is a bit expensive ($70), but I went ahead and took the plunge.

I purchased my brush online from Neiman Marcus.  It seems that they tend to sell out, so you may have to check around to find a store that has the one you want to purchase.  They come in different sizes as well as with or without a handle.


My brush is the size 7 from the Fluenta Collection.  The video I watched showed the woman using the brush to smooth out the contour cream she had just applied.  Using a cream pencil, she drew a line where she wanted to darken/contour her face.  With the Artis brush, she smoothed out the line to give a recessed appearance.  It was fast and easy.

I have been using the brush for about a month now.  I have used it to smooth out my contour powder on my forehead and under my chin.  The brush does a good job softening the edges to give a more natural appearance.  However, I am not sure that it is any better than brushes I already own.  What I do like about it is the large head, which takes less time to accomplish the task.  But again, for $70 plus the space it takes up in my brush drawer may not make it worth it.


One downside, yesterday (sadly at the end of the day), I noticed that in the  morning when I smoothed out the line under my chin, the brush had got on my face.  I had a dark line running the length of the bottom of my jaw!  So, you do need to be careful with the large head and keep it where it is supposed to go.

In the reviews I noticed that a customer had complained that her handle broke off.  I must admit that the head weighs more than the handle, the latter of which is a thin plastic.  With careful use and a light hand it should be fine, but more strenuous brushing could have the same result as the reviewer.


Another reviewer lamented that the size 7 brush doesn’t come with the option of not having a handle. (Maybe the first reviewer should pass off her brush with no handle to the second reviewer – just a thought.)  I must admit that I don’t think I would use the larger brushes.  I like the size 7.

Should you invest in an Artis Makeup Brush?  I am on the fence.  I don’t have any complaints with the brush, but I am not sure it is worth $70.  I am going to do a bit more online research to see if there are tips or tricks that I missed.  So, expect a part two on the subject.


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  1. I haven’t bought any of the Artis brushes, just can’t justify that price tag. But, if you are adventurous you might try the MODA Prismatic set from Wal Mart for only $16.84. They are paddle brushes like the original Artis. The bristles are dense, soft and apply foundation like a dream! They are purple with holographic handles that seem sturdy enough for normal use. Not as elegant as the Artis by any means but fun!

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