Get Healthy in 2017: Weeks 25-32

This is not me! But maybe someday....
This is not me! But maybe someday….

How are you doing with all the new habits?  Still maintaining the original habits?  If not, add them to your daily to-do list or refocus on the ones most important to you.  You have come too far to drop the ball now.

Let’s keep going because the year is going to pass us by!

Week 25:  Reduce portion sizes.  If you are already eating healthy (lots of fruits and veggies, plant proteins and lean animal proteins) then you are doing great!  For the times when you get a bit more non-healthy (like loaded baked potatoes, a stick-to-your-ribs casserole, or a piece of cake), go for a small serving.  Pick the smallest potato, get just a spoonful or casserole, or ask for a sliver of cake.  That way you can enjoy what you put on your plate without later having regrets.

Week 27:  Strengthen your core.  As we age and lose strength and agility, we set ourselves up for problems.  (A weak core can increase the potential for falling).  Or not being able to get up after we fall.  Do a bit of online research to find excercises to strengthen your core muscles.

Week 29:  Change your gatherings.  Isn’t it funny that catching up with family and friends always involves food?  Meeting for lunch, hosting a big family meal (why do w not hear of little family meals?), meeting another couple for dinner…it is all based on eating.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we planned a family walk, meet a friend for a bike ride, or go out with another couple for a sunset boat cruise?  Rethink your social and family life to put more emphasis on activities rather than food.  Of course, even with the activities, I am sure we will all serve some food.  Let’s try not to sabotage ourselves and others with a big, unhealthy spread.  Serve veggie sticks with low-fat dips, chicken and veggie kabobs, and a fruit tray instead.   Once folks get to talking, they just poke things in their mouths (okay, so I am talking about me!) without thinking what it is.  Help them out by giving them lots of flavorful, but healthy, choices.  Make your family activity a weekly event!  Or use a weekly activity as a new way to improve your social life.  Why not join a bowling league or running group?  The potential is endless.

Week 31:  By now, hopefully you have cut out all sugary or calorie laden drinks.  This will leave you water, hot tea, unsweetened cold tea, and coffee.  If you think of other alternatives, please share.  If you haven’t improved your drinking habits, this is your chance.  Not only will you improve your health, but you will probably save money in the long run.  You may be thinking fruit juices and bottled fruit and veggie juices are good alternatives.  They are if they aren’t full of added sugar.  So, read the label and know what you are drinking.

NOTE:  Please check with your physician before changing any diet and exercise programs.  If you don’t want or need to do the habits recommended above, tailor them to your needs.  Maybe you want to get a personal trainer or start eating vegetables (yes, you know who you are!).  Make healthy goals that will fit your situation.

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