The Best Advice My Mom Ever Gave Me

My beautiful mom sometime in the 1950s.
My beautiful mom sometime in the 1950s.

It is Mother’s Day and today, like all days, I am immensely missing my mom.  In honor of my Mom, I wanted to share with you some of the best bits of advice she shared with my sister and me.

My mom was a pretty interesting person, and I miss her every single day.  She was fun, dynamic, smart, good with money and full of great advice.  My sister and I quote her a lot.  And, she was actually always right.

Here are some of the morsels that come to mind almost daily:

1.  Get an education.  My parents were both firm believers in a good education.  It is one of the few means by which we can better ourselves and our families.

2.  Get a job and don’t expect a man to take care of you.  There are no guarantees.  Have your own money and your own independence.  That way, you can take care of yourself if something happens to your husband.

3.  Spend your money on good healthcare (dentist, eye doctor, physician) and good shoes.  Other things aren’t as important.

4.  It doesn’t matter what you eat tonight.  You won’t remember tomorrow.

5.  As long as you are dressed appropriately, it doesn’t really matter what you wear.  No one will be looking at you.  Instead they are worried about what they look like.

6.  Put your money into a good house and modest, dependable car.

7.  Always save for a rainy day.

8.  If you see change on the ground, pick it up!  It’s free money!

9.  Always ask for a discount when buying something.

10.  Be sure you pay your own way.

11.  Only take as much luggage as you can carry when you travel.  Don’t expect anyone else to help you.

12.  Never play the stock market.

13.  Always keep your gas tank on full.  You never know when you might need to run somewhere in an emergency.

14. Recycle, reuse and repurpose.  My mom was the original recycler.  For a post inspired by her many uses for Walmart bags, click here.

I wish my Mom was here so that I could thank her for all the great advice.  I did listen!

4 thoughts on “The Best Advice My Mom Ever Gave Me

  1. Kayla this came through my Facebook feed shared by a friend who you probably don’t know but your words (your mom’s words) have made an impression on many people! I can hear her now – or maybe that’s your sister 😊 Anyway – great words of wisdom. Your mom and her sister are an unforgettable pair and I’m fortunate to have known them. Just like you and your sister !

    1. Thanks Jamie! At the office, Markeda and I often say to one another that we could just hear what my Mom, Aunt E or my Dad would have said about something we have done. I will be 90 and laying in a nursing home and still hearing their advice!

  2. You know that I adored your mother and Aunt E. They were strong independent women long before that was fashionable! They were smart, sassy and fun. I miss them both.

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