Birthday Celebrations


My family had a birthday season.  It started in May and ended in August.  My dad’s birthday was in May, sister’s in June, mom’s in July and mine in August.

Growing up, birthdays usually consisted of a homemade cake, and a present or two.  When we got older, my mom would get a champagne cake from Aston’s Bakery in Dallas. It made birthdays feel so special with such a decadent cake.


As an adult, a family dinner is my preferred way to celebrate.  This year marks a big birthday (yes, it is a milestone birthday!).  My birthday is within weeks of my sister-in-law and almost sister-in-law.  It seems like a good year to take a trip or do something really over-the-top!

My family changes birthdays up.  We don’t necessarily do the same thing each year, nor do we purposely try to do something different.


I knew a man (now deceased) that had a lightbulb that he turned on every year for his birthday.  He had done that for most of his life.

Do you have a birthday tradition? Something that you do every year?  Maybe a special cake you serve or activity you do.  If so, please share.  Maybe it is time I adopt one myself!

P.S. – Happy Birthday to my sister who turns ?? on June 1!


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