Meet You on the Square!

Ford Day November 5, 1924
Ford Day November 5, 1924. This is from my father’s collection (of course!).

Ya’ll the weather has been perfect for sitting out on the Sulphur Springs square in the evening.  Mike and I have made it a part of our regular weeknight routine.  Archie enjoys it, and so do we!  We walk, meet people, drink coffee and enjoy the amazing views!  We kind of consider it our own backyard.

My nephew and I recently had dinner at a restaurant on the square and then sat and walked around the square.  The weird thing is no one else but us and a few out-of-towners were there (we know this because of their phone conversations and FaceTime).  Where is everyone?

If you haven’t been downtown in a bit, there is a lot going on!  The Alcove got a facelift and a bit of inside reno before it opened.  The Grub House is open and tasty.  Redneck has expanded (it is gorgeous).  Burgerland is open and staying busy.  The Sellers’ building is finished.  The building that houses Edward D. Jones is getting an update.  A few weeks back, Mike and I watched two men carefully remove the veneer that had  been placed over the original brick exterior many years ago.

Before it was Celebration Plaza and before it was Heritage Square, it was the center of commerce for Sulphur Springs and Hopkins County.  The dirt square hosted horses and wagons, festivals and gatherings of all types.  Although stores have come and gone, buildings have burned, and the streets paved (thank goodness), the watchful eye of the Hopkins County Courthouse has been permanent.

I hope you enjoy seeing these old postcards of the square.

In this 1887 photo of the square, the wagons were loaded with cotton.
In this 1887 photo of the square, the wagons were loaded with cotton.
Upstairs at Watkins Drug Store.
Upstairs at Walkers Drug Store in 1908.  The building was located where the Veteran’s Memorial is now located. You can see the exterior of the store on the left side of the next postcard.
South side of the square.
South side of the square, with the First Baptist Church steeple peeking over the stores.
North side of the square.
North side of the square  in 1915.
Bird's eye view of the square, looking west.
Bird’s eye view of the square, looking southwest in 1910.
Another northern view, with a bit of the Courthouse showing.
A 1910 northeastern view of the square with the Courthouse showing.
The First National Bank 1909. Stood where Alliance Bank now is located.
The First National Bank in 1909.  This block is where Alliance Bank is now located.
The Courthouse 1906.
This 1906 view of the Courthouse shows the location of the cistern and stage. If you want to know the cistern’s history, visit the square and read the monument which is located where the cistern was located.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these photos. Though not a long time resident, it’s good to know some of the history of this beautiful town.

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