Melamine Plates You Decorate

AuntE and I made this plate in 1972. I did the drawing and she did the writing.
Aunt E and I made this plate in 1972. I did the drawing and she did the writing.

My Aunt E was a wonderful crafter and artist. One of the cool things she did with my sister and me when we were tiny was decorate melamine plates and coasters. The finished products were in her house from the time we made them until we cleaned it out a few years ago.

These plates are such treasures to me. The plate were made together shows my amateur, child drawing of a rabbit with some help in finishing the plate by Aunt E.

Another vintage treasure made by AuntE.
Another vintage treasure made by Aunt E.

Several years ago, I made a plate with my nephew, and a few years ago I made them with Mike’s boys.  They are treasurers to be used and preserved at the same time.  For this reason, we usually only eat sandwiches on them because I don’t want them scratched with silverware.

This is a fun and easy craft to do with your kids this summer.  The finished products make great gifts for parents and grandparents.


The directions and kit are from Makit Products and called Make-A- Plate & more. The kit is $21.98 on Amazon. I have also purchased the kits at Hobby Lobby.

The kit includes the blanks as well as the markers.  Once you have created the artwork, you mail the blanks in along with an order form and payment. You can choose to have the artwork made into plates, bowls, water bottle, etc.  I prefer the plates because they can be hung on a wall or used as a plate.

This is so much fun to do!  You and your children will love it!

A vintage coaster made by AuntE and me,
A vintage coaster made by Aunt E and me.


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  1. My mom got me one of these in pre school i have been using it for most of my meals TO THIS DAY im 25 and i have to say it is quite impossible to ever scratch away what was drawn on it. it blows my mind a thousand steaks and a thousand scrapes and it looks just the same as day one

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