Hand Soap that Makes Me Smile


This is one of those unexpected pleasures that I have recently discovered at my office. My sister is our purchasing department.  She recently outdid herself with our hand soap.

We always have Dial liquid soap in a variety of scents. I have fallen in love with the Seasonal Collection known as Garden Blooms.  This just appeared in the women’s room about a month ago.

It smells so good. It is the exact smell I remember from the floral cooler at the flower shop my sister owned.  That is one of my favorite smells, and it brings back a wonderful memory of fresh flowers, fun work, and being in college.

At the affordable price of approximately $1.50 per bottle, I think you will enjoy your hand soap!

So often in an office environment, we just put out soap, usually cheap soap. This scent, however, actually makes me smile; the soap is inexpensive, and it is readily available at stores like Walmart.

If you haven’t tried it yet, go for it!  I think you will like it!


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