Uberly Perfect!


Our first Uber venture was a few years ago in New York City. It was so fast, inexpensive and easy!  We could go anywhere, not worry about parking, and not spend much money to get where we were going.

Since that time, we have Ubered a lot. On a recent trip to Savannah, it all came together for me. Not only was it cheap and convenient,  but it actually saved us money. For what it would have cost to park, we could Uber and get to where we were going without the hassle of finding a place to park. Plus we met some really nice folks.

Parking was $10 for two hours.  The Uber ride cost us between $5-7.  The other nice feature is that it also serves as a means of designated driver for those who want a drink with dinner.

From our many experiences, the cars are clean, the drivers are friendly, and the fares are low.  Most of our drivers have had a day job.  Their backgrounds are varied, and our drivers have included a former taxi driver, a truck driver, a college student, a medical school student, an actor,  a former service woman, and someone who worked in the shipping industry.

The app shows you how close the car is to your location, their progress, name, car, etc. (some features seem to vary based on the town you are in).  Tips are optional.  You can add a tip through the app if you choose, so you don’t have to worry about having money on you.

I have a young friend in another large city that doesn’t have his license yet, but he does have a job.  He Ubers to work and back.  He probably saves money in auto upkeep, gas, car insurance, etc.

If you haven’t tried Uber, you might want to give it a shot.  We have enjoyed our experiences!


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