Oatmeal Update

My hotel breakfast...an egg and oatmeal.
My hotel breakfast…an egg and oatmeal.

My earlier oatmeal post mentioned that I just wasn’t a fan, although I was muddling through.  Obviously the healthy benefits should outweigh the taste/texture issues.

Since then, I have found a brand I like and some added flavors that I am enjoying.


Umpqua is the brand that I really like.  In Mike’s emergency provisions (totally another topic!), he had a case of Umpqua Oats in the Triple Berry flavor.  We really like them. So, we ordered another case in the mixed flavors.

To make the Umpqua Oats, you just add boiling water to the paper cup containing the oatmeal.  After it sits three minutes, you stir and eat.  The packaging shows one paper cup is one serving, but to be honest, it is too much for Mike or me to eat.  We split a cup each morning.

Umpqua Oats comes in some really interesting flavors.  Maple Pecan, Himalayan Fruit and Nut, Salted Caramel Meltdown, Fruit and Nuts Kick Start, and Apple Cranberry Cinnamon were included in our mixed flavor case.

They are available online.  We purchased ours on Amazon.com.


The other new information I wanted to share come from a hotel breakfast.  We were staying in Dallas the night before a flight.  The next morning we ate at the free breakfast buffet.  The hotel had been kind enough to give travelers some oatmeal suggestions.

One recommendation was to add banana slices, nuts and Nutella to oatmeal.  Oh my, how can you go wrong with that suggestion!  However, I would imagine one should go light with the additives, in particular the Nutella (which I love!).

The other recommendation was to add honey, sliced almonds and cranberries (with or without a dash of cinnamon) to oatmeal.  I actually liked it.  Maybe I added way too much honey, but I was able to get a big bowl down.  I have tried that combination since I returned home and it was more pleasant than others I have tried.

If you are trying to eat oatmeal daily, please share your favorite combinations.

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