Wonder Cloth



Dear male and female readers of all ages, please read all the way through this post even if you think it may not apply to you.  I think you might actually find a new skin care tool you will like.

A year or so ago I ran across a video blog posted by HotandFlashy.  The blogger is over 50 and helps to teach other women over 50 how to do their make-up, and she also reviews skin care products.  I really liked her for a couple of reasons: she uses the science behind the products added to how the product worked for her to determine usefulness, and she addresses how to deal with applying make-up to aging skin (i.e. what to do with wrinkles, dark circles and age spots).

While going over her nighttime, skin care routine, she mentioned Wonder Cloth.  It advertises to “remove make-up instantly with just water.”  She recommended washing your face with your normal cleanser and wiping it off with a wet Wonder Cloth.



The Wonder Cloth can be easily purchased on Amazon.com, and at $8.49, it is not expensive.   I have been using a Wonder Cloth for about six months now and have really liked it.  It is soft, easy to clean, and can be used over and over.  I use mine two or three times a week, then launder it in the washer and dryer with other towels on the weekend.  It comes out looking brand new each time.

Not only is this a great item to use to clean your face (or body) really well, but it also saves your wash cloths from make-up stains and benzoyl peroxide (found in products like Proactive) bleaching.

So, give it a try to see if you like it.




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