My Favorite Marinade


I love a good steak, but my preferred way to enjoy a steak is after it has been marinated.  My absolutely favorite marinade that I have used for years is just a simple bottled marinade by Allegro.


I have marinated steaks for as brief as 15 minutes or as long as 2 hours and always been happy with results.  I have also used it on chicken breasts, pork lion and pretty much most meats going through my kitchen.  I think I have even sprinkled it on meatloaf a time or two!  To me, this marinade is pretty universal.


It is a pretty salty marinade, if you are tasting it from the bottle.  If you decide to use it to cook into something, such as a meatloaf, you will want to use it sparingly and cut back on the salt in the mix.  However, when it comes to marinating a piece of meat, I don’t add additional salt.  So the meat gets its only salt from the marinade.


If you are in the market for a marinade, try Allegro.  I think you will like it.



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