Cooking School Rocks!

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The finished cake! It was delicious! 😋

I have a young friend who wanted to learn to bake a chocolate cake.  Of course, I was more than willing to teach (we were going to have cake, right?).

Our resource guide (i.e. cookbook) was the Fannie Farmer Junior Cookbook (read more on the cookbook here).  Our tools include the usual items…cake pan, hand mixer, ingredients…plus a pink and purple homemade apron (learn how I made it here) which did come in handy when a bit of the batter went rogue.

Work in progress.

Special treats included an autograph from the 2012 Chopped winner Tabb Singleton and, of course, a graduation diploma for successful completion of the course.

We had a great morning, and our cake turned out perfectly!  I would encourage you to offer cooking classes to the youngsters in your life.  It makes for a great experience.  If you are the young person’s mom or grand mom, it will be a lifelong memory that they will cherish.

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With proper preparation, a cake will release perfectly from the pan. We used a piece of parchment paper on the inside bottom of the pan to help it release.

2 thoughts on “Cooking School Rocks!

  1. Granddaughter Kylee is now 10 and a 5th grader. She and her friend, Lucy, have had several cooking lessons at our house since 1st grade. They have made candy, appetizers for New Year’s Eve, lasagna and a simple dessert, and a full meal of meatloaf, roasted rosemary potatoes, green beans and a pie, all of which they took home for their families. Not only have they learned to cook, they have learned kitchen safety, health rules in the kitchen, cleaning as they cook, practiced reading and following directions, and understanding measuring and fractions.

    Cooking is learning with a tasty reward!

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