An Ounce of Prevention….


Okay folks, mice happen.  I know this is a yucky topic, but, especially at this time of year, I have to share my tips with you.

At Walmart a few days ago, I overheard some ladies talking about the sticky traps for mice.  One women said she heard they don’t work.  Alone, they might not, but they are a great component to a mouse prevention system.

Living in a pasture, I have had to battle mice, snakes,  armadillos, gophers, coyotes, and wild hogs.  I like the rabbits, so I let them be.  And I enjoy listening to the coyotes howl, so they are fine as long as they don’t come near the house (and Archie).

Of all the varmints, the mice bother me the most.  However, since I developed my system, I have not had a problem (other than finding them in my swimming pool, but I don’t think that can be helped).

The three steps to successful mice prevention are:

FullSizeRender 2

1.   Inside the house, use sticky traps in the corners of the rooms, by any outside doors, under furniture and in the attic.  Not only do they catch the mice, but also the crickets and spiders.  Change them out at least once a year, unless you do catch a mouse.  In the case of the latter, throw it out immediately.  These can be purchased at Walmart or Lowes.  They come as cardboard pieces that lay flat or shallow trays-either work fine.



2.  Use poison blocks.  You can buy these by the buckets at farm or building supply stores.  Put these in the attic and around the garage. I actually like to buy the type blocks that come in a plastic casing.  The mouse goes inside to eat the block.  My nephew’s dog ate a poison block one time, so the plastic casing prevents that from happening.  Luckily, Sarge survived.  The ones I like are bought in smaller quantities at Lowes.


3.  Use ultrasonic rodent repellents.  I plug one in by every outside door, and I have a large one in my garage.  Victor’s dual speaker sits on a low shelf in my garage.  And the mini plug-ins work perfect by the doors that lead outside.  I purchased these at the local Lowes.

FullSizeRender 3I started this system about five years ago and have not seen a live mouse since.  I did find a dead one in my garage, but that is really kind of the point.

Please note:  If you have pets (other than a fish) avoid the sticky traps and, if you choose to use poison, make sure the poison blocks are in the plastic casing.

Bonus Photo:  If you are totally grossed-out by the mouse photo, I wanted to leave you with a cute photo!  Here is Archie…

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