Great Yogurt


My day job colleagues and I have some new favorite yogurts!  Oui and Noosa are our new go to yogurts for a snack or meal replacement!


Noosa is a larger, 8 oz. serving, which is perfect when you are making a meal of your yogurt.  It comes in a variety of flavors, with the fruit on the bottom.  The blueberry flavor is 280 calories with 31g of sugar.  They offer several flavors to choose from, and I love them all (except the honey flavored, which required the addition of lots of honey to make it palatable!).


Oui by Yoplait is touted as a French style yogurt.  It comes in small glass jars with a foil lid.  The strawberry is 160 calories with 15g of sugar.  The 5 oz. jar could be easily repurposed for holding tea light candles, serving pudding, serving a small soup or other liquid.  A friend liked the jar so much that she emailed Yoplait to see if the jar could be used for baking.  Sadly it is not oven safe.


Just for comparison, looking at a 5.3 oz. serving of black cherry Chobani Greek Yogurt, it is 120 calories with 16g of sugar.

Both the Noosa and Oui yogurts have a thick texture, but neither have the tartness of a regular or Greek yogurt.  The tartness is what I don’t like about most yogurts.


Although I have not been able to find them in my town, I also like Brown Cow whole milk yogurt.  It has a great flavor and has no tartness.  The peach flavor is 160 calories and 22g of sugar.  The serving container is 5.3 oz, so a perfect snack size.

What are your favorite yogurts?  Have you tried Noosa, Oui or Brown Cow?

Bonus Information:  I just learned that Noosa now has a yogurt line called Noosa Mates.  They feature caps full of nuts, chocolate, and/or dried fruit.  These are mixed in with the yogurt to make some amazing combinations like banana chocolate peanut butter and coconut almond chocolate.  I can’t wait to see these in a local store!


2 thoughts on “Great Yogurt

  1. Noosa is my all-time favorite, but I love the honey best!
    The Oui is pretty good, but the best thing about it IS the jar!

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