Last Week in Photos…With New Camera!

I think this photo needs to have a motivational quote with it! Archie looks like a captain of industry in this photo.

The camera arrived, and I have been using it a lot!  I tried to convince Mike that I should take it on our walk last weekend, but he thought it would slow us down.  I am pretty sure he was correct, but I could have taken some great photos.

I got the Canon EOS Rebel T6 kit, which had all sorts of things I didn’t know I needed.  I have filters, two lenses, memory cards, a bag, cleaning supplies, and a table top tripod (which is too flimsy to hold the camera).

I have not taken a photo that I think will get a contract with National Geographic for me, but I do think my photos are better.

I thought I would share a few from the week so you could judge for yourself.

So far, I love the camera.  It hasn’t been difficult to learn to use, although I still need to read more about all the features.

My favorite photo subject in his new Talbots Christmas sweater! Looking dapper.
An amazing moon.
Another moon photo.
Making a pattern for a quilted gift.
Archie doing his after bath shake.
Dinner at our staff Christmas Party which we held at the Oaks.
Dinner at our staff Christmas Party which we held at the Oaks.
Someone at the staff Christmas party left with a Santa flamingo…sadly, it wasn’t me!
A kitty that wanted to join our Christmas party.
The staff Christmas party.
A planter on my porch. Mike always does such a good job selecting plants and planting them. I love the little rosemary bush!
Mike and I (well, mostly Mike), planted 12 little pine and cedar saplings at the house.
A table in my entry way. Probably too much light on the subject.
I love this little Christmas incense burner. I had a fir scented log in the fireplace.
Proof that my terrarium is still alive and doing well! It has almost been a year under my care (poor plant).
Archie is so attentive when you talk to him.
Steak and smashed potatoes.

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