Vacation Bowl

Items we have gathered through the years while on vacation.
Items we have gathered through the years while on vacation.

Several years ago, the boys and I started a tradition. Each time we go on a vacation we put something that reminds us of that vacation in a bowl in the main part of our house.  Not only does it create an interesting display, but it serves as a reminder of fun times.

I had a simple bowl made of pottery that was displayed on an end table.  About seven years ago, when we went to the Grand Canyon, we had purchased a split geode at a gift shop in the painted forest.  Upon return, we put it in the bowl to display.

The next year, we added rocks from Hawaii.  There are rocks from Malibu, pine cones from Oklahoma, etc.  Most items were free with only a couple having been purchased.

The arrangement is ever evolving.  The boys dig through it and look at each bit…usually adding a funny story.

Although totally by accident, it has proven to be more fun  and more used than a photo album.  It is a quirky little thing that we will keep around for many years to come.

Does your family have an unusual souvenir you collect or an unusual way to display your vacation mementos?  I would love to hear.


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