Make a Valentine’s Day Plan


February 14 is not far away, so now is the time to make a plan with your sweetie or friends!  With the 14th falling on a weekday this year, you will need to decide when you want to celebrate:  the weekend before, the weekend after or Wednesday, February 14.

Here are a few things to consider:

1.  Will you be spending time with your sweetie?  If so, do you plan to eat in or go out?  Reservations can be at a premium for Valentine’s Day, so it may already be too late.  Call now!

I remember one year,  when Mike I were dating, we had a dinner reservation for Valentines at a high-end steakhouse in Dallas.  We were there at the appropriate time, but they must have overbooked.  We still had to wait over an hour.  I had worn my highest heels, which I had not planned to stand in.  It made for a memorable night!

2.  The card.  Valentine’s Day is one of those occasions when a purchased or homemade card is appropriate.  It is a good time to tell your sweetheart how you feel about him or her. Of course, everyday is a good time to remind him or her of your love, but on this particular day it is nice to write it down.

3.  Flowers and candy.  These are great options, especially if you aren’t going to get to have dinner with your valentine.  Even though they may seem trite, they are still the classic gifts for this day.   Neither need be fancy; a small box of chocolates and even a bud vase of flowers or single rose will surely put a smile on your sweetheart’s face.

4.  A gift.  It may just be me, but I don’t feel a gift is necessary (unless it is a small gold band with a diamond in it and it is accompanied by a question!).  Valentine’s Day is more about romantic gestures and less about breaking the bank.

5.  Gestures.  To me, this is what the day is all about.  The key to a perfectly romantic gesture is knowing what your sweetheart likes.  Coffee in bed, a foot massage, doing the dishes, making the bed, taking the kids to school…do something that only takes your time, but shows your love for your valentine.  Write or read your sweetie a love poem.  Light a candle and have soft music playing when he or she arrive home from work.  Help your significant other load and/or unload his or her car for the day.  A gesture of love is so much more meaningful that something purchased.

If you are single or distance prevents you from being with your sweetheart on this day, gather your friends in similar circumstances and celebrate with them.  Go to dinner and enjoy the love and friendship you have.   Valentine’s Day is definitely a day to have joy in your heart, and spending time with friends will make it happen.

However and whomever you will be celebrating St. Valentine Day’s, make your plan now!

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