Happy Two-Year Anniversary!

Just a small gathering to celebrate this momentous occasion!
Just a small gathering to celebrate this momentous occasion! I didn’t have lipstick on, so I won’t point out which one is me!
We here at At Home decided to celebrate with cake and punch!

It has been a very fast and very fun two years.  I am so thankful for each reader, each comment, and each share.  The internet and blog posts provide such a great tool for learning and researching topics.  I hope I am able to give back in some small way.

The latest website stats:

First blog post – February 9, 2016
Published posts to date – 352
Draft posts waiting for a chance to shine – 84
Frequency of posts – Three times a week, although it has become more sporadic due to my time being diverted to setting up my craft/blog room!
Highest one day readership – 1,058, which was the day I posted, “The Most Beautiful Courthouse in Texas!”
Most popular over time – Tea at the Adolphus, though I need to update!  They have changed their menu and pricing.
Countries from which last month’s readers hail – US, Canada, Australia, India, UK, Ukraine, Peru, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Hong Kong, Mexico, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Argentina, China, Czechia, and about twenty others!
My favorite post to write – Travels with My Nephew because it was twenty years of great memories that went into the research!  It is scheduled for publication in a few weeks.

Here is to the terrific twos!  I have lots of fun things planned for the year, so hang on to your hats, and let’s get started.

Your friend,


P.S. – I love old photos.  This one is a real postcard of unknown ladies celebrating some unknown occasion (maybe a birthday; there are lots of candles on that cake).  It was cute, so I had to use it.  One of the many funny things is that the cake seems to have been baked in the punchbowl.  They are the same size!

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