Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards

Vintage Valentine's Day cards. I love the sentiments.
Vintage Valentine’s Day cards. I love the sentiments.

I found a stash of vintage Valentine’s Day cards in my mom and dad’s house when we were cleaning things out.  They are so cute that I kept them.  These may have been leftover from when Markeda and I took these to school to share with our class mates.

20 Valentine's card for $.29. Now that is old!
20 Valentine’s cards for $.29. Now that is old!

Do you remember in elementary school making a bag or box in which to collect your Valentine’s cards?  Then we would have a Valentine’s Day party with cookies and punch and all go around the room to stuff our cards in the containers.  How fun!

Too cute!
Too cute!

My favorite Valentine craft was the woven hearts.  The ones where you interweave the two parts of the heart together in the middle.  They looked so nice.


What was your favorite Valentine’s Day craft?  Did you give a special card to your crush?


I also found a set of adult Valentine’s Day cards, some of which have a copyright of 1960.  They are totally retro cool!

Bonus Information:  If you want to make a woven paper heart, check YouTube.  There are several videos that show you how to make them.

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